AztecsAskingHim: A North Dakota blogger makes the jump to FBS

So it looks like we’re going to have to go a second straight week without a Q&A with an opposing team’s blogger. I mean, if Army doesn’t have a blog, and half the Mountain West teams don’t have a blog, there’s no way in hell that an FCS team like North Dakota has a …

Well I’ll be damned.

Fritz Jarrett from Sioux Football Insider not only exists, but he was nice enough to answer our pressing questions about Saturday’s Aztecs-North Dakota battle royale. You can also read my dumb answers to their questions here. It’s basically the same hackneyed stuff I’ve been posting here for the past couple of years weeks. But check it out anyway!

AztecsKillingHim: Seeing as Mountain West teams have only lost two of their five games against FCS opponents this year, I’d say this one is in the bag. I mean, that’s a .600 wining percentage! Any reason I shouldn’t be so cocky?
Fritz Jarrett: So you’re telling us there’s a chance! UND has had an outstanding history versus FBS teams since their move to FCS football. They are 0-3-2 in that time. The three outright losses were understandable as they lost to Texas Tech and national powerhouse and future MWC member Idaho (twice).

But the “2” in their record is for the last second losses they had to Northern Illinois and Fresno State. They weren’t “real” losses in that they could have gone either way, so we prefer to categorize them differently — kind of like Razor Ramon’s Mexican accent or Koko B Ware being a bird or SDSU’s “near-win” last year in the Donald Trump Go Crawfish Swamp Bowl. Close enough for us.

AKH: The Sioux are 2-0 and put up a pretty hefty amount of points, including 66 against the South Dakota School of Mimes (how does their quarterback call out the snap count??). What has made your offense so potent?
FJ: We were wondering why they gave so many hand signals. Their offensive line was very adept at doing the “glass wall” pass blocking technique. Seriously though, if (QB Marcus) Hendrickson and (wideout Greg) Hardin (H-twice) can get it going again, UND will have a chance. Hardin, as Rocky Long alluded to, is probably the fastest player on UND’s team. We do know that a strength of SDSU’s defense is the secondary in their 3-3-5 defense so that will be something to watch on Saturday.

AKH: Any chance your defense holds the Aztecs under 40, short of forcing a billion turnovers?
FJ: Nobody thought Savannah State could hold Oklahoma State under fort … well nobody thought Southern Utah could hold Cal under forty and look … well I know nobody thought Nebraska could hold UCLA under 40 and look what they did.

UND is funny in that they got blown out last year by Idaho (actually two years in a row) but played Fresno State tough to the end — and Northern Illinois the year before that.  UND should have a decent defense this year but tackling was atrocious last week. After watching RB Adam Muema last week vs Army, that could be a major issue — he’s good.

AKH: Complete this sentence. North Dakota will win this game if they can …
FJ: Get their running game going. Last year RB Jake Miller gashed Fresno up and down the field, but last week vs. Portland he couldn’t get out of the backfield. UND cannot rely on the passing game to bail them out all the time like they did last week. On the flip side, if some of SDSU’s starters decide to head down to the land of cheap botox and prostitutes and forget what time the game starts, then UND will have a decent shot at winning this thing!

AKH: What’s a bigger mismatch? North Dakota football vs. the Aztecs, or SDSU club hockey vs. the Sioux?
FJ: We have heard a lot of good things up here about Southern California hockey — it takes a back seat to nobody. We will go on record as saying nobody on the UND hockey team is nearly as good as Wayne Gretzky, who obviously plays hockey in So-Cal.  Therefore, we will go with the hockey matchup.

AKH: Prediction time: Please write the first paragraph of the AP story recapping this game.
FJ: We are going to put on our UND PJ’s and say:

SAN DIEGO (AP) — In what comes as no surprise to the fans in North Dakota but has stunned everyone from Chula Vista to Miramar, the University of North Dakota came into Qualcomm Stadium and stunned the Aztecs on Saturday 45-44.  Give Rocky Long credit: His press conference love affair with North Dakota proved to be prophetic.

AKH: This is the part of the Q&A where I make a classless crack about the location of the other blogger’s school. But … well … I don’t really know anything about North Dakota. What would you make fun of if you were me?
FJ: As everyone in the United States now knows, San Diego in German means a “Whale’s Vagina”.  Well, once we dug into it we found that Grand Forks in Norwegian mean “Witches Tit”.  It may have something to do with the climates, not sure.

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