Game Recap: If you thought that was good, just imagine if they had made 4-of-17 treys

The Aztecs couldn’t buy a 3-point basket tonight. In fact, James Rahon just clanked one off the iron while you read this sentence. At several points during the mtn. broadcast, I swear I heard the announcer from “NBA Jam” yelling “puts up a brick!”

It was the kind of abysmal shooting display you’d expect from a team playing its fifth game in seven days and whose best shooter is still recovering from a rhythm-sapping injury. In the first half, it looked like SDSU couldn’t even score at 2 a.m. on El Cajon Boulevard with a roll of quarters and half an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar.

And yet …

The Aztecs — a team expected to live and die with the exploits sharpshooters Rahon and Chase Tapley — were absolutely horrible from beyond the arc (that dynamic duo was a combined 2-of-12),  yet still managed to beat USC 56-54. They did it thanks to an incredible effort on the offensive boards and a clutch drive and layup by Xavier Thames as the clock wound down.

Coming off a terrible game against Baylor, Jamaal Franklin was excellent, scoring a team high 14 points in only 20 minutes. I’m sure a lot of people are going to clamor for him to start, but I kind of love how Steve Fisher is using him right now. His instant energy off the bench is a potent weapon.

Speaking of potent, I think everyone can officially stop bitching about the free throw shooting. When Rahon misses your team’s only foul shot in 14 attempts, you’re having a pretty good night. 

This was one of those games in a rebuilding season where you could see what the finished product might eventually look like — and it was good. 

Now, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. The Trojans are also rebuilding and, while they play good defense, they aren’t a particularly good team. In fact, they’re probably one of the weaker foes in the current brutal stretch of games. Saturday’s game against Snoop Dogg State should be quite a bit tougher.

But this win still felt really good. And strangely, it’s because of what the Aztecs didn’t do well.

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Aztecskillinghim is a graduate of San Diego State University, which he attended during both the Ted Tollner and Tom Craft eras (five year plan!). For a time, he was convinced that the Aztecs' bowl drought was a direct result of him arriving on campus in 1999. He has two rescued dogs and a patient but foul-mouthed wife who thinks Tim Shelton is "adorable."
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4 Responses to Game Recap: If you thought that was good, just imagine if they had made 4-of-17 treys

  1. Smoove says:

    What a great win for a young team. This should give them confidence and momentum heading into the Long Beach St game.

  2. Jamie Kiskis says:

    Just like teams from the past few years, this team does not give up and continues to play hard. Last year showed them that if you play D, then you will battle through tough times on offense. Still, I don’t know what is wrong with Rahon. He missed some wide open 3′s. Is he battling through more pain than we realize? Chase didn’t score in the 1st half. Are they tired already? I am surprised that outside shooting and shooting percentage overall has been an issue so far this season. Those should be strengths. Anyhow, bring on the 49ers.

  3. Pope says:


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