We are officially the Big XII’s Utah State

Shocker: San Diego State is aggressively lobbying the Big XII for consideration. In other news, Justin Bieber thinks he’d be a “great fit” for a supporting role in the next Scorsese film.

Here’s how I bet that call to Big XII commissioner Chuck Neinas went:

Jim Sterk: Hi Chuck, Jim Sterk.
Chuck Neinas: Oh … hi.
Sterk: At San Diego State?
Neinas: Of course! I knew that. What can I do for you, John?
Sterk: Say, sorry about the way we got rid of your boys Chuck and Toby. That was under a previous regime, you know. Water under the bridge, right?
Neinas: No biggie. The checks cleared, at least.
Sterk: Say, you know I just had this thought. You know who would be a great add for your conference?
Neinas: Uh … Louisville?
Sterk: No. Well, maybe. But also us! Our football team isn’t dogshit anymore. And we’ve got a trolley. And we stole this chant from Utah State. Shit is blowin’ up here, Chuck.
(Sound of crumpling paper)
Neinas: What’s that? Jim? Jim, I’m driving through a tunnel. I’ll have to call you back.
Sterk: But isn’t this your office li …
Sterk: He’ll call back.

But credit Sterk for being proactive. And credit him more for shit talking the Zoobs in the process.

Sterk said he wanted to make sure the Big 12 was aware that San Diego is “as close to Austin (Texas) as Provo, Utah (home of BYU) and a heck of a lot easier to get to.

Ohhh snap!

About AztecsKillingHim

Aztecskillinghim is a graduate of San Diego State University, which he attended during both the Ted Tollner and Tom Craft eras (five year plan!). For a time, he was convinced that the Aztecs' bowl drought was a direct result of him arriving on campus in 1999. He has two rescued dogs and a patient but foul-mouthed wife who thinks Tim Shelton is "adorable."
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5 Responses to We are officially the Big XII’s Utah State

  1. Smoove says:

    Wait, so this Neinas asshole was responsible for Chuck Long and Jeff Schemmel???

    With a track record of stupid mistakes like that, I’d say SDSU is for sure getting an invite.

  2. I prefer to see the decision to hire those goofs as a brilliantly-executed scheme to butter up Neinas, knowing he’d one day be Big XII commish. Stupid … LIKE A FOX!!!!

  3. monty says:

    Neinas recommended hiring Jimbo Fisher when he was an assistant at FSU – It’s dumb shit Schemmel who went and hired Chuckles Long.

  4. Jhonka34 says:

    Don’t recall if Neinas brought in Schemmel, but He did bring in Bohn. Also, Neinas suggested Jimbo Fischer. Long was Schemmel’s call.

  5. Stop using facts to undercut my lame jokes. There, fixed.

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